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Docteur Florence learns how to make a stew out of her butt!

To good food, these are the ingredients: a chef cooked a vicious + hot libertine. And you have a delicious food porn ratatouille!

Luis receives Florence in the kitchen of his restaurant. It gives a real cooking classes for amateurs ratatouille. But the beautiful blonde made ??him quickly realize that this is another dish that would taste. The leader then plant her carrot in the mouth before licking her pussy.

This preparation is complete, he shoves his big raw sausage in pink apricot Apprentice stove before dipping in chocolate box shaking vigorously.

Finally, there a sheet of white cream that tastes good with relish.
Video n°2364286 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 471 Mo - File type: mp4

This exhibitionist redhead never wears panties and she shows off in stores while shopping!

Vladana love to fuck and it shows! She chose two of our boys come to a shot with them. This is a fantasy because it has never been the plurality men. It is very exhib and rarely wears panties. When she goes shopping, she sometimes crouch within so we can see her pussy. She hangs up before our boys and sways to excite lowering her panties to show her little pussy. We feel that this young redhead loves sex!

She grabs both cocks she sucks hard. After these preliminaries, she sits on the sofa, legs wide open, and she kicks basin challenging to be penetrated. When the first cock tote her pussy wet, she moaned with pleasure rattling hoarse. Her favorite position is doggy style and Madgic tries to fuck the beautiful but resists then finally let them. Finally, she picks up the cum on her tongue.
Video n°2265822 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 464 Mo - File type: mp4

To fuck a prostitute in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris... We've realized the fantasy of Vincent and Emily!

Fantasy to whore in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris! This is often the gentleman who thinks. Today Vincent drags his wife Emilie to lean against a tree and wait for the client. She is half consent when we plunge into an alley wood well known for being a haven for voyeurs. Emilie and her husband stand against a tree, the ball a little and a few moments later, a guy comes and starts to stick the legs on her breasts and under her skirt.

Very friendly and courteous, he asks if he can fuck with some friends. Emily refuses but her husband would be delighted to see his little woman blow by complete strangers gathered in the street! She accepted the look they kiss with her husband as mere voyeurs. Next we prove that Emily is a bitch under his sacred arias little girl!

To avoid custody because wood is heavily guarded by the police, we went in a cave for the rest of the festivities. Once there, very excited about this and well heated by her husband (we see that her pussy is already open) it will eventually let them go when they approach her to jump. And to the delight of her husband, three guys will pass it on and even fucked!
Video n°2306962 - Length: 36 min. - Size: 406 Mo - File type: mp4

This is the first time I have sex with a stranger.

Roxane is not decided to make a porn video with another boy as her boyfriend. Initially, it was agreed to put the situation but it is no longer agree. I struggled to convince and to put them at ease, I asked him questions about his sexuality, his habits. She masturbates every day, in the evening before going to sleep until orgasm. Finally, she agrees to suck the boy that I present, the atmosphere is relaxed. She gets on all fours and caresses her pussy while Stphane penetrates slowly. During penetration, she continues to masturbate by confessing she is still to increase her pleasure. Then Stphane layer on the back to take her little pussy excluded. She admits: "This is the first time I have sex with a stranger!" The attractive brunette rises suddenly to take a dildo in her purse and a small transparent purple feather. I attended a demonstration of how she masturbates and a quick orgasm occurs. It's good to enjoy she said in conclusion.
Video n°1173705 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 469 Mo - File type: mp4

Parisian clerk wants to make a video and keep it secret from her boyfriend!

Jenny is 22 years old, this is a super hot love kiss and says she has no taboos. Black-Asian origin Vietnam and mixed Guinea, is very rare! Our two lads, Papou and begins Madgic remove his under-tive to reveal huge breasts beautiful. Papuan settles between her legs to lick her pussy. She gives great thrusts to increase her pleasure.

Then she sucks boys and a camera shot between her legs shows her pussy wide open already! She says she is already excited. She settled on the couch legs spread wide, her pussy is swollen with desire and when the cock enters her vagina, she cries out with pleasure.

Both guys will take it in every way and I have rarely seen a girl take so much pleasure to fuck. The game ends with a drop of cum on her big tits.
Video n°1117655 - Length: 0 min. - Size: 3 Mo - File type: mp4

Emily, a blonde girl wants to be initiated to anal sex and keep it a secret from her husband.

Emilie's husband does not like anal sex. She decided to be filmed while getting fucked by a man to surprise him and give him a good lesson. Soon she gets naked and indulges in Patrice our pornstar circumstance.

For this experiment, she wants to be hidden so as not to see his face. It is a very shy girl is frightened by what she is doing and it is very exciting to see how it unreservedly to a perfect stranger.

To relax, Patrice licks and appreciate his expert tongue. Her pussy swells and opens visibly, his legs trembling, the blonde is very excited at the edge of orgasm. Sodomy is not terrible, just fast but it still took a cock into her anus.
Video n°2223681 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 467 Mo - File type: mp4

Anal deflowering: Docteur Florence gets a couple acquainted to sodomy. Carmen gets fucked in the ass for the first time.

Carmen and her husband have never practiced sodomy. This bourgeois couple asked Dr Florence an introduction to anal pleasure. For reasons of discretion, they are hidden.

For the first time, anus Carmen will receive a dick, that KEVIN LONG famous French pornstar! But as usual with Florence, the situation escalates and the course turns to the guard room orgy!

While Kevin wad ass Carmen, her husband took the opportunity to enter the Doctor Florence. Finally, we must move from theory to practice!

The anal orifice is surrounded by sphincter muscles that provide intense pressure on the penis, which increases the erotic sensations. This anatomical feature, with the addition of a lubricant, explains that some men prefer anal sex to vaginal intercourse. The anus is not as spontaneous as erogenous genitalia, and sometimes you regularly repeat stimulation to arouse the erogenous sensitivity of the anal region.

The advice of the pro:
Lubricate the index in the vagina and enter by turning the anus and opening.
Lubricated finger into the vagina and put two fingers into the anus.
Enter slowly, turn slowly. If it expands well, you can also put other fingers.
Do not put lubricant on your fingers if necessary (3-5 drops, no more).
Penetrate the girl through the vagina. After a trip, the tail is very hard.
Come out of the vagina and the anus, it is also less brutal psychologically. The girl gets anal in excitement rising, not falling, which is quite different.
Video n°2360533 - Length: 62 min. - Size: 683 Mo - File type: mp4

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