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She's usually bossy, but today Docteur Florence wants to be dominated: she's presented to a brute of a guy.

Pour une fois, Docteur Florence ne va pas donner un cours mais prendre une bonne leon de domination avec un espce de gant taill comme une armoire glae. Elle est enferme dans une cage et il va la dlivrer pour l'obliger lui tailler une pipe sur le champ. A coups de cravache sur le cul, son matre l'encourage mieux sucer. Ensuite, il lui donne l'ordre de lui lcher les fesses, de rentrer la langue dans son anus et de se branler en mme temps.

Docile, elle s'excute avec un certain plaisir et va se faire prendre quatre pattes trs brutalement. Il la baise comme un sauvage et il faut entendre ses hurlements de plaisir ! " Je suis toi ce soir, tu es mon matre. Attention j'ai un petit cul ! " Dit-elle au moment o il force comme une brute pour lui fourrer son gros pieu dans le fion sans mnagement. " Il va loin le salaud !" La malheureuse dguste sans pouvoir se dfendre avant de prendre la semence de son bourreau en plein visage. " J'ai ador ! " dit-elle pour conclure.
Video n°2284742 - Length: 49 min. - Size: 548 Mo - File type: mp4

A couple fucking sex maniac with Dr. Florence. Lou impressive orgasms!

Lou and Marco consult Dr Florence because they have a big problem of sexual hyperactivity. They wake up several times during the night and morning kiss they fail to wake up to go to work . This does not prevent them kiss as several times a day !

In summer they go to nudist camp Cap d' Agde. This is the sexual madness limitless. Marco even adds : " ! This was not a vacation at all is even more income is flat at the beginning. " We understand that the problem is serious and Dr Florence gives them some advice. While talking , Marco raises dress Lou away the edges of her thong and begins to caress her. Then she grabs his cock and sucks greedily .

Florence excited by the situation undresses to get comfortable and then approach him and Lou head breasts while Marco began oral sex with his girlfriend and then with Florence.

Florence lies on the sofa, legs wide open to give her pussy Lou licks more quickly. After a few moments , Florence orgasm loudly : " Oh damn , you make me cum! "

As you can see , the two girls are bisexual . Lou orgasms are particularly impressive in the language expert Dr. Florence.

Marco fucks his girlfriend while Florence masturbates her pussy and makes her cum several times.
Video n°131230943 - Length: 35 min. - Size: 390 Mo - File type: mp4

Docteur Florence learns how to make a stew out of her butt!

To good food, these are the ingredients: a chef cooked a vicious + hot libertine. And you have a delicious food porn ratatouille!

Luis receives Florence in the kitchen of his restaurant. It gives a real cooking classes for amateurs ratatouille. But the beautiful blonde made ??him quickly realize that this is another dish that would taste. The leader then plant her carrot in the mouth before licking her pussy.

This preparation is complete, he shoves his big raw sausage in pink apricot Apprentice stove before dipping in chocolate box shaking vigorously.

Finally, there a sheet of white cream that tastes good with relish.
Video n°2364286 - Length: 42 min. - Size: 471 Mo - File type: mp4

Anal deflowering: Docteur Florence gets a couple acquainted to sodomy. Carmen gets fucked in the ass for the first time.

Carmen and her husband have never practiced sodomy. This bourgeois couple asked Dr Florence an introduction to anal pleasure. For reasons of discretion, they are hidden.

For the first time, anus Carmen will receive a dick, that KEVIN LONG famous French pornstar! But as usual with Florence, the situation escalates and the course turns to the guard room orgy!

While Kevin wad ass Carmen, her husband took the opportunity to enter the Doctor Florence. Finally, we must move from theory to practice!

The anal orifice is surrounded by sphincter muscles that provide intense pressure on the penis, which increases the erotic sensations. This anatomical feature, with the addition of a lubricant, explains that some men prefer anal sex to vaginal intercourse. The anus is not as spontaneous as erogenous genitalia, and sometimes you regularly repeat stimulation to arouse the erogenous sensitivity of the anal region.

The advice of the pro:
Lubricate the index in the vagina and enter by turning the anus and opening.
Lubricated finger into the vagina and put two fingers into the anus.
Enter slowly, turn slowly. If it expands well, you can also put other fingers.
Do not put lubricant on your fingers if necessary (3-5 drops, no more).
Penetrate the girl through the vagina. After a trip, the tail is very hard.
Come out of the vagina and the anus, it is also less brutal psychologically. The girl gets anal in excitement rising, not falling, which is quite different.
Video n°2360533 - Length: 62 min. - Size: 683 Mo - File type: mp4

At the sex hospital, Doctor Florence offers her body for a consultation that turns into a gang bang!

Dr. Florence has received a lot of mail from men who have sexual problems. To help them, it gives them a free consultation after selecting the most serious cases.

They will march into his office to explain their case and then makes an initial auscultation: sucking cocks to check the severity of pain. It grows further review and decides to offer her body for vaginal penetration. You understand that this is the only way to establish a reliable diagnosis!

The consultation ends with a drop of cum. The good doctor of a particular kind will jerk and suck his patients until they ejaculate. And not to lose time during oral sex, she gets on all fours. Florence tells us at the end she takes particular pleasure in sucking a guy for spitting his seed. I can assure you that all patients are left in great shape!
Video n°2362449 - Length: 40 min. - Size: 448 Mo - File type: mp4

Doctor Florence teaches the art of penetration to a group of students.

Dr. Florence is a doctor at the hospital Hotel Dieu. This libertine assumes perfectly and has no shame to participate in porn to teach sexuality. But it has a peculiarity: it is physically attend these courses!

So she undresses quickly to pass the lab. While the boys enter one after the other, she advises.

This young woman gorgeous body and perfect breasts quickly abandons its therapeutic advice to let go at his pleasure.

She began to cry when she cums under the blows cock of his students.
Video n°2276932 - Length: 46 min. - Size: 508 Mo - File type: mp4

This nurse is obliged to get naked in front of her boss and he makes her fuck him in the break room.

Laetitia works at the hospital as a nurse Tours. A day in the break room, his boss and another employee ask her to undress completely to show off in front of them. She could not disobey in order to avoid dismissal, she ended up sleeping with them without trying to resist.

Curiously, she remembered it very exciting. In memory of this adventure, she wants to be caught by two guys she does not know. We propose to go on a busy road near Nanterre. The fear of being caught fucking with strangers makes us terribly wet she says! We will not be disappointed as many joggers passed requiring us each time to pause the game. Standing with hands resting against a tree, she presents her buttocks to Jo that penetrates immediately: "More is fast and it's good!" she said with a groan of pleasure under the blows cock felt good. "This is the first time I fuck out and I know nothing more exciting. I'm a real slut!"

Jo grows in grass and Laetitia has squat on him to impale himself on his big cock. "Oh fuck what is good fucking out!" The two guys will take it doggy style and even make it a double because she loves anal. Embarrassed by her clothes, she removes her dress and finds himself completely naked by the wayside under eye mesmerized few joggers who surprised us! "Go fuck me, I love it, you'll continue to make me cum!" Standing doggy style, sitting on guys, Laetitia'll feast with two guys. It is really exciting to see this beautiful blonde giving without complex two unknown at roadside.
Video n°1184715 - Length: 33 min. - Size: 369 Mo - File type: mp4

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